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Soft Landscaping

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When the hard landscaping has been completed and the ‘bones’ of the garden are in place, it is time to show off the beauty of the garden design by installing trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, bulbs and turf, otherwise known as soft landscaping.

The installation of the trees, larger shrubs, and herbaceous plants soften the hard-landscaping elements and give a sense of flow and direction around the garden. The trees and larger shrubs give structure and add height whilst the lower planting give a variety of shapes, colours, smells and textures.

As part of our soft landscaping service, we provide

Our soft landscaping service can be an integral part your garden design package or can be provided as a ‘stand-alone’ service.

Soft landscaping offers you the following benefits


A planting plan designed to
suit your garden

It is essential that plants are chosen to suit conditions in your own garden. In order to thrive each plant must be chosen to suit its exact location within your garden. Soil PH, soil structure, aspect and drainage all have to be considered.


A planting plan designed to
support local wildlife

Many people gain a huge amount of enjoyment from encouraging wildlife into their garden. We can advise you on a planting scheme which will support insects, wild birds and other local wildlife.


Value for Money

Through our network of respected wholesale nurseries, we will source all of your trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, grasses, herbs, fruit trees and water plants at a cost-effective price, ensuring you of value for money.


Convenience and Choice

We will arrange for the turf and plants to be delivered direct to your door. Once delivered, we can either position the plants, as per the Planting Plan, for you to plant in your own time, or for an effortless finish to your garden, we can install all of the plants and trees for you, ensuring correct planting and tree anchoring methods are carried out.

If we supply and install the plants and turf we will ensure watering is carried out until the project is completed. We will also guarantee the plants and trees for a 12-month period, subject to conditions.