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Better safe than sorry with our fire safety services

A health hazard, like fire, doesn’t announce itself before occurring. Therefore, as a professional or residential unit, you must be equipped with all sorts of protective and safety procedures. Destructive fires can take a toll on your establishment and the lives of your employees too. With Sidhgreen’s fire protection services, your system will be ready to manage any such type of hazard. We are known for our fire inspection, monitoring, corrosion management, service and repairs services.

For us, there is nothing more important than protecting the lives of people stuck in such horrible situations. Our fire protection engineers can help in easing your mind regarding the fire protection systems in your building. We install systems that can monitor such miscalculated occurrence so that it can be remedied before it can cause any problem. We understand that emergencies can happen, but with our services, you will be prepared to safeguard your lives and property.

We offer fire protection services for all types of industries

Sidhreen’s fire protection services are known all across the industrial segments. Our team has experience in working with commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Whether you need to install sprinklers system in the unit, or you are looking for inspection of a suppression system in the manufacturing facility, Sidhgreen, and its expert team has it covered. We can install, inspect, and service fire protection systems for every type of application, ranging from simple to complex.

Take a look at our extensive services

Our team consists of certified fire operators who know how to handle such alarming situations. They have experience in delivering successful projects and exceptional customer service. Our start-to-finish fire protection, inspection, installation, and suppression services can be tailored to fit into the needs of all our clients. We come with an extensive experience in the market. We provide services like:

  • Fire protection system evaluations
  • Fire hazard analysis, including flammable liquid storage and production and process storage area services
  • Installation, monitoring, and inspection of fire safety equipment like sprinklers, and fire alarms
  • Repair of any fire protection equipment
  • Provide fire protection training to personnel