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Lawn maintenance services

Relish a lush green lawn with our maintenance services

Every lawn needs maintenance. A beautiful lawn has everybody’s sight set on it, however, taking care of it is a humongous task. At Sidhgreen, we bring forth a holistic approach for your yard, taking care of the soil, its nutrient balance, the beneficial bugs, and other high-quality services. We offer an excellent range of lawn maintenance services. No matter the type of lawn and its size, our goal is to provide your lawn with amazing services and amiable professionalism.

Right from fertilization to targeted weed control, insect control, soil amendment, lawn aeration, and over-seeding, we provide you with a whole package deal of lawn maintenance services.

Why it is important to maintain your lawn?

Every lawn owner wants their yard to be green, vibrant, healthy, and free from weeds. At Sidhgreen, we know what a lawn means to you and, therefore, our lawn licensed specialists provide you with every lawn care service you need. Our plans for every lawn are different. So, you don’t have to worry about your green patches for any season. Our equipped team will take care of it year-round.

What do our maintenance services entail?

Our lawn maintenance services include:

1. Clean-ups: No matter the season, our lawn experts are available to clean your lawns whenever you want. This will include the removal of all the debris, clearing of the lawn area, and disposing of the garbage at a recycling unit.

2. Lawn services: These include processes like seedings, thatching, aeration, and revitalization.

3. Lawn maintenance: Services like cutting, trimming and blowing off debris from the patios, walks and driveways constitute our lawn maintenance services.

4. Fertilization: These include services like fertilizing the grass and flower beds of your lawn by using organic alternatives and hybrid programs.

5. Garden care: Taking care of the quality of your garden and indulging in services like weeding, mulching, and bed preparation.

6. Shrub and Tree care: These services include the hedge trimming, bush trimming, fine pruning, tree trimming and removal of the debris.

7. Snow removal: Winters can be tough for your lawn. Indulging in services like snow plowing, snow and ice removal, and salt spreading can help you take care of your turf.