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Decontamination & Sanitization

Sidh Green International Pvt. Ltd.

Our aim is to help our customers sanitary maintain hygiene. Sidhgreen pride themselves on their expertise to provide residential as well as commercial sanitization and decontamination control services.

In realization of the global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), sanitization and decontamination of office compounds and residential spaces is highly important. At Sidhgreen, our health workers are adept with the knowledge of disinfection procedures for office spaces, including conference rooms. We use the best quality disinfectants like Sodium Hypochlorite (household bleach) diluted with water, to clean off tabletops, countertops, tables, handles, door latches, knobs, etc. Necessary precautions are taken to ensure proper ventilation and the well-being of the employees. We use a series of sterilization procedures to disinfect entire commercial or residential unit.

For us, the health of your and our workers matter a lot. Therefore, we take special note that no chemical is inhaled by the anyone. Every guideline issued by the Union Health Ministry is followed to decontaminate and sanitize office premises.

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Sanitization Services

Sanitizing the Corporate Office, Hotels, Collage, Hospitals and Industries, sheets, bedspread, furniture, sofas, etc. is something you need to do. What you need is a highly professional repudiation specialist who helps by providing the maximum extent possible of cleaning and sanitation according to your needs.

We at Sidh Green provide Sanitized and Chemical facilities. Our services makes use of an expert board of staff committed to the needs of our customers.We sanitises large areas in a short time, enabling institutions and businesses to restore areas to use, with a minimum down time. Our service can combat both airborne pathogens and contaminated surfaces to disinfect large areas.

Disinfects large areas quickly, both surfaces and airborne pathogens
Airborne disinfectant reaches surfaces that are difficult to access with manual cleaning
Minimum disruption to business and rapid restoration to normal use

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