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Fertilization services

Nourish your lawn with our fertilization services

Every lawn needs nutrition to sustain and flourish. Fertilizers provide the necessary nourishment that your lawn needs so that it can grow healthy and strong. Proper fertilization is the need for any landscaping lawn care plan.

At Sidhgreen, our focus is to work closely with our customers, and supply them with fertilization plans to ensure that their lawn receives the nutrition it needs to grow into a vibrant and green one. We formulate our fertilizers, indulging our customers with high-quality, control-release plant growth supplements.

We keep your lawn healthy and the weeds at bay

Fertilization is a highly crucial step for any lawn care and maintenance plan. Sidhgreen offers synthetic, organic, and hybrid fertilization programs. These programs commence from mid-April and continue throughout the season, to ensure the health and charm of your lawn.

We incorporate lawn fertilization, weed control, pre-emergent weed control, and integrated pest management (IPM) for superior results. We follow a pre-planned schedule to keep your grass healthy, week after week, for a year.

Our advanced lawn care program consists of the following rounds:

  • Early spring: Fertilizer for spring grass, weed control activities.
  • Late spring: Fertilizer for greener colour and stronger roots across the lawn
  • Late Summer: Fertilizer used to keep the grass green and healthy after the stressful summer sun.
  • Fall: Fertilizer used for stronger roots and greener colour, weed control activities against fall and winter weeds.

Our lawn fertilization plans

Our lawn fertilization plans include:

1. Flower bed and plant bed maintenance: Every plant and flower needs fertilization, mulching, and weed control treatments. Our maintenance services take care of garden beds and plant beds throughout the year.

2. Lawn care: Our fertilization programs take care of your green and gorgeous lawns.

3. Weed Control: Fertilization and weed control go hand in hand. Through effective fertilization programs, you can prevent the growth of unwanted plants. By feeding your grass lawn with the right nutrients, the weed seeds will not receive any sunlight or water and, therefore, starve them.

We provide various fertilization packages for our valued customers. Also, we can customize a plan just for your lawn as well.