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Lawn Services

Keep your lawn healthy and organic with our lawn services

A lawn is one of the most aesthetically pleasing structures of any property. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lawn is a tedious task. When you ask for lawn care services, Sidhgreen can prove to a trustworthy and reliable source. We offer a wide array of lawn services to ensure that you enjoy a vibrant and growing green lawn. We employ both preventive measures and individualized services to beautify your yard for every season.

How it works

Our team consists of professional and certified lawn specialists assisted by highly trained crews, to indulge you in a plush and healthy lawn that is naturally more resistant to diseases and weeds. This is how our team works:

  • Lawn Analysis: A lawn care expert will come and completely analyze your lawn.
  • Lawn treatment: We prepare a customized lawn care plan for your green bushes and outline exactly what you should expect with each treatment.
  • Lawn servicing: A technician will visit your lawn at regular intervals, to provide you with a full summary of all the services performed. Don’t worry! We use high-quality materials and lawn care equipment for your lawn care.

What do we do

Our lawn care regime is all about meeting the expectations and specific needs of our clients. Our services include:

1. Thatching: It involves the removal of above-ground roots and stems that prevents air and nutrients from reaching the soil in the lawn areas. This activity is performed in the spring season.

2. Aeration: It involves the removal of plugs of soil from the lawn so that air can reach through the roots. It also helps in allowing air to reach deeper into the soil, to mitigate the stress of spring thaw and summer heat. This activity is performed in the fall.

3. Seeding: Our lawn experts pick the best seeds for your lawn depending on conditions like soil, weather, etc.

4. Revitalization: May-a-times, a lawn needs fresh ingredients and a new start. If that is the case with your lawn as well, we will remove the damaged part of the lawn, install seed or sod, and provide your lawn with a healthy and weed-free outlook.

We provide a wide range of lawn care services like fertilization, weed control, lawn aeration, mosquito control, and everything needful to give you the perfect lawn space.