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Garden Care services

Maintaining the vibrancy of your garden

A beautiful garden is like medicine for your mind. We at Sidhgreen, provide comprehensive and expert garden services to ensure the beauty and the health of your garden. Moreover, we provide a wide variety of plants to choose from, if you want to add certain herbal elements to your garden depending on your weather and soil conditions. It is possible that the plants landscaped in your yard might not be compatible with the sunlight and soil quality. We can fix it for you, by fertilizing the area, providing the necessary nourishment to our plants, and removing any weeds that may hamper their growth.

Along with our highly skilled and efficient landscape designers, we specialize in app phases of garden care that includes taking care of your trees and shrubs. Our garden care services comprise of:

  • Hedge trimming
  • Bush trimming
  • Fine pruning
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Relocation of shrubs and floral plants
  • Planting of new shrubs and trees

No matter what the current state of your garden is, we can bring it into shape with our expert garden care services. Right from the loosening of soil to mowing and maintaining of your lawn, re-potting of plants, making flowers beds, cutting and pruning plants, adding manure and controlling weeds and pests with our synthetic and organic solutions, we engage in everything to improve the look and productivity of your garden that too at a reasonable cost.

How do we work?

Step-1: To see the quality of your garden, we will first visit the site and understand your requirements from our garden care services.

Step-2: We will share the proposal with every minute details like the current state of the garden, areas of improvement, manpower details for the maintenance, tools required, fertilizers and pesticides needed, applicable service level agreements, key performance indicators, etc.

Step-3: Once the control is mutually signed by both the parties, we will start fixing your garden.